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Rooted in the past, conscious of the present, looking to the future

Understanding of ones style grows with time, knowledge, and timely bold steps. Bad Wolf Clothier is your partner in time from vintage, to contemporary, and beyond. Tailoring and its generations of tradition is the hearth stone of Bad Wolf Clothier. Our priority of fit is complimented by subtle construction techniques and details one will discover over a suit's lifetime, as it melds with, and compliments the wearer. A BWC piece well maintained, will be found in the vintage shops of tomorrow.

Promoting the joy of dressing we hope to impart with more sartorial pattern selections. Our made-to-measure pieces offer our seasonal pallet selections in addition to classic neutrals. Should a desire for limited artisan quality, or a strong color vision drive your desires (i.e. groovy paisley dinner jacket or donegal frock coat), we are your partners in bringing you such. 

Beginning Pricing complex designs and finer fabric choices are competitively priced against this starting point

Shirt $175

Vest $125

Trouser $250

Sport Coat $650

Two Piece Suit $900 

Three Piece Suit $1025


Re-imagined product page coming soon. 

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